Zachary Dachary Doo (the_unnamable) wrote,
Zachary Dachary Doo

Who is it? With blackdark coffee sluicing through veins after so long, I'm here. Reading Franzen's Freedom for the alliteration, simply biding my time until April's cruel release of the not-Dallas Fort Worth's The Pale King.

  • (no subject)

    In some ways I was Zampano, but mostly I was the Fool.

  • Summer Lawns

    Staring out at the green grass through the second-floor slats of my office window as the aural smoke of Joni Mitchell stirs and shapes about my fuzzy…

  • Dessert Competition at Work: Geographical Survey

    Chocoscapes of rolling fudge hills and the quaintness of whipped terraform, cherries and candy dotting skycakers and red velvet yards. "That sounds…

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